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What Will My Child Learn in
Robotics Classes?

Indian Education System does not connect the Science our Kids learn at School to the practical everyday life Technology & Gadgets we use everyday that have come from those School Science Concepts - hence we teach children How to Build Everyday Life Technology & Gadgets Showing How that Technology is created from the Science Topics that you have learnt at School. This is a 100% Hands-On Practical Course where children make over 240 Robots & Gadgets.

  • Make 240 Robots & Everyday Life Gadgets
  • NCERT & CBSE based Science & Robotics Practicals
  • Age 6-14 Years
  • 1-1 Mentor Support for Kids
  • Robotics Certification for Kids
  • National & International Robotics Competitions for Kids

Course Curriculum

project created

Home automation

AI Self Driving Car

Fighter jet rader Technology

internet of things

Arudino Projects

topics taught


Coding C
& C



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How will my Child benefit from
Robotics Classes ?

Make 240 Robots - Everyday Life Gadgets & Technology

NCERT & CBSE based Science & Robotics Practicals

Robotics & Coding Combined for kids

Creativity - Problem Solving Skill - Confidence to Be a Creator

Understand Your School Science Concepts Practically

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PArent’s Reviews

Here is what the parents of our robotics class students are saying.

found robotics quite different as well as the best activity in which I could involve my child without putting so much efforts.

4.5 / 5

Kasturi Banerjee

ZEE TV Actress

Its a great platform that gave knowledge of robotics to my ward in the current situation of covid19 .I am satisfied that my son didn't waste his time and gained ...

4.5 / 5

Yash Sharma


Excellent work done by the academy. I m surprised my son is making such kinds of robots at the age of just 10 yrs. and he is really enjoying it. Your easy way of...

4.5 / 5

Ankita Shah


Good initiative by The very useful for this generation and excellent effort to help the society to become more aware about S&T

4.5 / 5

Vanita Priya


They balance both theory and practical. They students are given a chance to learn by doing. There is constant feedback from the academy about the student's performance.

4.5 / 5

Navin Patel


about us

We have been Teaching Robotics Since 2014 across Students worldwide . We Realized it ourselves when we were in school that everything was too theoretical and the concepts taught in school are never connected to the everyday life technology & gadgets we use, also children have the strong desire to create things hands on but there is no platform and structured guidance forthem hence we created this platform for kids across 18 Countries .

Manan Jambusaria -has completed his MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune where he has won 18 Business Awards from Prestigious Institutions like Reliance TUP , IIM Indore , TIE Pune ,INC Ahmedabad and many more .

Dinesh Singhvi has graduated in Electrical Engineering from NIRMA University Ahmedabad. He has Industrial Experience of 6 Years and works towards bringing Industrial Real Life Technology to Children. He has great experience in building edtech companies in the Robotics field. He has developed 5 offline Robotics Training Centre for kids in prime cities of Gujarat. He built 2 successful businesses in Edtech with Robotics and Automation for kids.


Yes it would be a Live Class with a Unique Educator allotted to you for all the classes.

Is it an Online Class ?

Yes The classes happen Online on Zoom .

240 Gadgets - Every Class would be 1 Project - 1st 50% of the Class Would be Theory & 2nd 50% Would be Project Making

  • There are 16 Levels of 7 Classes Each .So total about 240 Classes - There is no restriction to completing all 35 Levels - The Child can Choose to Leave the Course at any point in time
  • Every Class is divided into1 VIVA of 10 Marks , 1 MCQ Test of 10 Marks and the Final Project that the Child Makes Carries 30 Marks
  • Every Class the Child is Graded based on the Final Project he has made and in VIVA and MCQ we judge how much theory the Child has grasped.
  • If a Child does not get above 50% in any Class or Level - We make the Child redo the same Level and Projects at no Extra Cost .
  • After Each Level the Progress Report will be Shared with the Parents.
  • You can choose your own speed to complete the Course -You can Choose to complete in 2 months if you wish or can take 2 Years . Each class runs for 1-1.5 hour. We recommend 2 classes per week but you can choose how many classes you wish to take in each week .
  • We Offer 100% Flexibility to Kids Schedule & On Demand Classes - so a Child can create a Customized Time Table based on his/her schedule e.g. during vacations he can schedule 6 classes/week if he wants to complete maximum course during vacation time and during school days he can schedule only 2 classes/week if he wants and during exam times he can choose to take no classes for as long as he wants .So the Child can Create a 100% Customized Time Table and Change it whenever he wants .
  • We also offer 100% On Demand Classes i.e. If you wish to take a class which is not in your schedule you just have to let us know 15 mins before you wish to take the class and your assigned Educator would be present to take your Class - similarly you can cancel the class at the last moment too and reschedule the class anytime in the Week based on your convenience .

You have 100% Flexibility of the number of classes you wish to take - you can schedule anywhere from 1-10 Classes/week - even no classes during exam time

Yes , if You pay for 4 Levels i.e 28 Classes Together you get 35 % Discount than if you pay for each level individually

We Teach in 37 Countries Including India,Australia,USA,European Countries, Middle East among others .

Age 6-13 Years

  • Make 240 Everyday Life Gadgets & Technology
  • Boosts Creativity - Problem Solving Skill - Confidence to Be a Creator
  • NCERT & CBSE based Science & Robotics Practicals
  • Understand Your School Science Concepts Practically

You can Reschedule it anytime based on your time table - it will be On Demand Classes

Yes Robotics is a Fusion of 33% Electronics - 33% Coding - 33% Mechanical Engineering concepts

  • Coding more or less remains the same, it does not change , the core theory is the same the only difference is the Output - In the courses WhitehatJr and others teach the Output is in the Virtual Word of Computer where the Child Makes a Mobile Game whereas in Robotics the Child uses the Same Principles to make a Hardware Robot which is Automated to Do Tasks based on what the child has coded into the Brain of the Robot to do Physical tasks in the Real World - that’s the only difference .
  • The child apart from Coding Learns Concepts in Mechanical Engineering , Electronics and Aerodynamics in Robotics apart from Coding .

Yes a Parent gets both the Options to Get the Material from us or Amazon

Yes with the Total Grade and How many Level he has accomplished - a final Certificate would be provided

Yes We organize Several National & International competitions which the Child can register into and compete with Kids across Multiple cities inIndia and children of other countries as well - it is a very Unique experience for kids to interact with children across India and Other Countries .